Going #Legit

I am so incredibly excited to announce that today I will be signing the lease agreement on our new studio at Chattanooga Workspace. I can barely come up with words to describe what this means to me personally besides to explain that having an art studio and 'making it' as an artist was that far off, unreachable dream I had as a kid while watching Bob Ross reruns. I would imagine that it's similar to how an aspiring astronaut would feel when he hears the news that he's been hired on at NASA. Seriously, I'm that excited. 

This collaboration will open so many doors for Chattanooga Face Paint and, hopefully, for Chattanooga Workspace as well. A brief preview of some things I've got in the works: Face Painting Workshops, Photography Workshops, Various Craft Workshops, Art Basics for Kids classes (A dream come true! Thank you Universe!), Birthday Parties for Aspiring Artists and so much more.

The Workspace offers gallery expeditions and open studios nights, an amazing patio area and conference room for workshops or parties, and 24/7 access for artists, all of which I'm chomping at the bit to share with my clients. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and intend to become a huge asset to the collaborative and the Chattanooga arts community. 

Check out Chattanooga Workspace and the other artists at Chattanoogaworkspace.com