Chelsea Cagle - Owner/Artist

I have been a life long artist, author and creative. I have 3 children, who were always running around with paint on their faces, mostly because I always wanted to decorate them. Even as a kid I loved turning my younger siblings into puppies, super heroes or whatever their hearts desired with help of an inexpensive eye shadow pallet. Eventually, after witnessing my crazy need to paint on my kids, a friend of mine urged me to attend an arts and crafts festival as a face painter, which, after much reluctance, I did. I charged $1 per face, using just acrylic paint (rookie mistake) and paint brushes. 

My business has grown exponentially from there. You can find us every Saturday at the River Market in front of the Tennessee Aquarium down town, and every Sunday at the Chattanooga Market in the Tennessee Pavilion next to Finley Stadium, as well as each year at the New Salem Mountain Festival on Lookout Mountain, TN, Down Home Days in Chickamauga, GA and many other area festivals and events. Face painting is the only "work" I've ever been excited to wake up and do after years and years of doing it. 

It seems silly that something so simple could be a calling, but, for me, it is. I never get tired of seeing that big, ridiculous, involuntary smile on their faces when they get that first glimpse in the mirror. Kids are so impressionable, like little balls of clay. I remember when I was a kid I waited every year for the Heritage Days Festival in Kittaning, PA, where I grew up, to get my face painted. To this day I can't put a finger on why it meant so much to me, but it sure meant a lot, and it certainly contributed to my creativity and career as an artist. I am blessed to pass that memory on to the kids who wait for me to paint their faces year after year.

I am not just a face painter. I work in graphic design, photography, writing, mixed media, videography, up-cycling, refurbished furniture and murals. What I really do is listen to, and understand, what a clients wants. I pour over their inspirations, verify that we are on the same page, and then make it happen. It's the same concept from face painting to graphic design to article writing. I am a creative (almost) genius, but my bread and butter is understanding people and what they want. I take great pride in being able to honestly say that I've never had a disappointed client, and that is because I LISTEN.

My Work